It is likely that you have found some emojis that you do not know their meaning. In the case of the emoji ❣ it can be used in several ways. Next we will show you which ones.

The ❣ emoji, contrary to what you may think, does not always mean a romantic or couple feeling. It is also used to exemplify and show genuine affection for friends and family.

❣ It differs from the classic red heart emoji because it has a small red circle accompanying it. At first it seems like a question mark, but let’s go further.

The wind is always associated with freedom, expression and plenitude, so it is not strange to find this emoji related to feelings of support.

The emoji ❣ as an expression

This emoji resembles an exclamation point, so it is used to emphasize an expression or situation.

On group trips with friends or family, this emoji is often used to express the desire and joy for this trip. 

Generally, the color red and the heart symbol are associated with feelings of a couple, but in this case it is about reflecting an emotion, a thought or a desire.

Other meanings that may be of interest: