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👉👈 is the union of two emojis used in different social media, with the intention of creating a third meaning. We explain below, the meaning of 👉👈 ; symbol of what gestural communication is in these times.

The two found fingers ( 👉👈 ) want to express nerves or grief before saying something . It is used to refer to when you express a comment, but you feel very sorry for doing it, and while you are talking your index fingers together.

Emojis 👉👈, like many, is purposely created from expressions made by cartoons or cartoons.

Here are a couple of sentences with the use of 👉👈 :

1- “I’m going to tell you something I always wanted to do … I’m in love with you 👉👈”

2- “Hello Julia, will it be possible to see us this weekend? 👉👈 “

👉👈 on WhatsApp and Social Networks

👉👈 is formed with the union of two icons that are generally used to point something to the right 👉 or left 👈, and are part of the group of icons that are used in WhatsApp , Facebook , Instagram , Twitter chats , among others platforms that have adopted it.

Despite the fact that “ 👉👈 ” is not the most used symbol, users are becoming more and more familiar with and like it. By the way, would you like to know which Emoji is the most used in chats? 🙊 In the end we tell you. 😁

Other concepts of 👉👈

Additionally, there are other connotations that are added to the one already mentioned. We share them.


Among them is a connotation very close to the original, it is when we emit a comment with fear . A very palpable example is, when the child comes quietly to tell his mother that he has broken a very expensive slab . He is afraid because he knows that he will be reprimanded.


It is when you make a comment full of “anger” for a very close person, but in the end you say that it is a joke and show your affection. However, the symbol must be accompanied by a heart.

“I would like you to disappear one day from my life, July, I can’t stand you. 👉👈 ❤ “


It is used in the context of mischievous comments.


“Hi Rosi, I’m going to be home alone tonight, how about you come and have fun? 👉👈 “

You know what 👉👈 means! Now we are going to pay a debt. What is the Emoji that is most used in chats? The Universities of Michigan and Pekin, revealed this study made to 427 million messages in 212 countries. The little face that cries with laughter won the award. 😂