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Definition of πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Š

Emoji combinations are very common and including multiple emoticons in a message helps you deliver a complete message without the need for words . This is the case of emojis of smiling faces with sunglasses and a fist; this combination is perfect to reflect personality, strength and security.

On the side of the emoji with sunglasses, it gives a great sense of character and personality, while the fist emoji represents faith and confidence in one’s own personality.

In WhatsApp states they are very popular, both by themselves, and accompanied by an inspiring or carefree state.

How and why is it used πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Š

πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Š means confidence and character, both your own, and a way of giving support to another person. Feel free to use it in stories or statuses when you want to announce a new stage or a new project. They are usually seen on instagram pages with self- improvement and self-confidence content .

This combination can mean days off or vacations. Sunglasses are closely associated with summer, the beach and rest, and on the cuff side, it can refer to the strength and energy with which you wait these days.

The fist emoji is also closely related to motivational trends, especially in the world of fitness and exercise.

Strength in these activities is very important, but not only physical, but the willpower to continue when motivation has been lost.

Discipline can also be represented by a fist. People are easily demotivated, and this is normal.

Motivation has an expiration date , and this is where discipline and duty begin. Discipline is just that which leads you to do things when you don’t want to do them, but you have to.

The fists are also a form of greeting, especially among the youngest. Fist bumping is the new high-fives. It can be used as a way to send a very warm and personal greeting from a distance.

Long-time or very personal friends often clench their fists and bump them. In some cases, open hands are slapped and then clenched fists bump.

It is also a sign of companionship or accompaniment. It is a way to give support in difficult times when someone else is having a difficult time. Above all, when at this time physical distancing is a necessity and we can approach personally for safety.