😎 is a very popular emoji that was approved by the international Unicode system in 2010, and since then it is available in many word processors.

This is an emoji that changes quite a bit from one device to another. For example, for Google Android 11.0 we can see sunglasses in a brown hue, while in versions such as Facebook 4.0, iridescent shades are observed in red colors.

On HTC Sense 8 devices the sunglasses are quite different because the frames are red , different from the hue that this emoji has on other devices. JoyPixels 6.0 incorporates a lopsided smile for this emoji.

Uses of πŸ˜Ž

This is one of the emoji that has the most uses. It can represent several situations, one of which is a very safe and confident state of animation. A look with sunglasses reflects a lot of security and self-confidence.

Surely you have seen these Harley motorcycle characters, a leather jacket and the classic aviator sunglasses, this is a perfect moji to represent this situation.

One of the most intuitive uses found for πŸ˜Ž is when they are sent to reflect confidence in their own ideas, undertakings or decisions. The casual gesture of the glasses reflects carefree and a sense of having situations under control.

In most devices that have this emoticon available, it is usually accompanied by a lopsided smile that gives a youthful and relaxed look to the look of this emoji. The smile, in other cases, is not on the side, but is on the front of the face, but it is a small smile .

This type of gesture is very popular, especially in stories or in WhatsApp status. A use that has also become very popular has been in tropical climates or near beaches.

Along with other emojis of waves, sun and palm trees it is very common. They represent vacations, beach days or sea sports such as surfing.

It can be used as an invitation to these activities, there are even those who print this emoji on sticker paper to place it on their calendar to indicate the beginning of the holidays.

Many people look forward to sunny summer days. In Nordic countries or where the weather is usually cloudy and cold most of the year, summer is the most anticipated time for many.

On these occasions, all who can take advantage of these days to go out to the sea or sunbathe. So an emoji with sunglasses is the most natural thing in the world. Also, these days are perfect to wear this accessory that protects the eyes from the sun’s UV rays.