This is a very popular emoji in word processors. Users around the world use it to depict funny or unimportant scenes.

Usually depicted with one face very white , equal to the of the clowns classics , his nose is red and round, while his mouth smile reveals a very pronounced. A clown, no doubt.

Other characteristic features of this emoji is that its eyes are wide open to awaken curiosity and interest in those who see it.

He is also usually represented with two pieces of wavy hair on the sides of his face, the color of his hair is usually red, although there are versions in which it is blue.

How do you use the clown emoji?

As expected, an image of a clown is related to jokes, teasing or funny situations, such as those performed by clowns in their daily activities. It is usually used in WhatsApp statuses to represent a joke or a funny comment.

This has been an emoji that has gained popularity in the stories , both Instagram and Facebook where it is often used to accompany a casual phrase.

Examples of use of the clown emoji 🤡

Lately it has been seen that this emoticon is used to represent some surprise situation. Can that someone be the last to understand the jokes with double meanings or indirect, so your friends always play with your mind. Perhaps when this naive friend discovers this situation, he will understand that he has been the little clown of the group.

It is also commonly used for invitation cards at children’s parties. Clowns are very characteristic of these celebrations, so it is not uncommon to find them in this area.

Another very popular use is to represent one of the most iconic characters in cinema. The Joker is the most iconic clown in Hollywood history. This character, represented by Heath Ledger, is often imitated by this clown emoji.

In a mysterious or malicious sense, this emoticon can be used, recalling the iconic character of the Joker.

Clowns in Pop Culture

Krusty the Clown. This is one of the most well-known characters in the entertainment industry. His first appearance is in 1989 in the Fox series, The Simpsons. Since then, he has been the most beloved and acclaimed clown in all of Springfield.

Despite his unorthodox and law-breaking behaviors, he has become one of the most iconic characters in the classic series. Of Jewish descent and with questionable moral behaviors, he can be considered one of the “bad” clowns on television.

Pennywise the dancing clown of IT. Not all clowns are good, and this one, in short, is not. He is a Stephen King character and eats children. Your fears need to be calmed by sacrificing infants.

His first appearance is during the 1986 film IT. Then, in 2019 he reappears on the scene during IT Chapter 2.

Patch Adams. This is the story of Hunter Adams, a doctor who enters a mental hospital to transform the treatment and care of patients.

According to Hunter (Archie), death should be treated with dignity, and even humor. His philosophy of life has become one of the most influential health theories in recent years.