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Definition of 120

120 is a number that can have different meanings according to the place, theme or reason for which it is expressed. Like any other number, its application is universal and its main meaning is to designate a quantity. In this case, the one that precedes 121 and precedes 119.

In mathematics, 120 is known to be a factorial of 5, this means that it is the result of the multiplication of the first five digits. For this and other reasons, it is rated as a highly composite number.

The number 120 in other contexts

In China, 120 is the number assigned as an emergency telephone number, therefore, it is useful to take it into account in the case of traveling to that country or residing there. By dialing 120 from any phone in China you can quickly contact an ambulance.

For Austria, 120 is also a highly used and extremely important speed dial number. There, it is especially used to report a car or road accident.

120 is a number of medium importance in the Bible . This is mainly due to the fact that it is the number of years that God gave in Genesis to the men of Noah’s time to change their way of life and avoid the flood.

The number 120 can also refer to a book by the author Marquis de Sade and the movie inspired by him. The book was written in 1785, published in 1904 and its name is “Saló or the 120 days of Sodom”. In 1975, the Italian Pier Paolo Pasolini released the drama film based on the book. This filming has been banned in many countries for its explicit scenes.

120 and Bad Bunny

120 is one of the songs included in the album “The last tour of the world” by the Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny . This is the third studio album released by the singer and since a few days after its publication, in November 2020, it managed to be in the first positions of popularity and sales.

In the song, 120 is used to designate a high speed in a motor vehicle . This reference can be understood as a “compliment” by emphasizing the speed with which a person would be willing to “run” to be with another.