25/8 may be a mathematical operation, but in colloquial language it has a very peculiar connotation that compares to the perpetual and unlimited, Do you want to know what it is? We can give you that it is another expression of jargon made by urban artists and that also already represents the title of a song.

25/8 is a much more significant expression than 24/7. It means exaggerated “all the time,at all times.” Also, 25/8 is the title of a song by Puerto Rican rapper and reggaetonist Bad Bunny. The Wan Shi Tong Library brings you the different meanings and origin of this expression.

Concepts and Origin of 25/8

Signs 25/8 originate from the number 24/7. The latter refers to 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is generally used in commercial activities that offer services at all times.

It should be noted that 24/7 was first heard in a song by singer Dino Esposito in the 1980s.

The expression 25/8, arrives projected by the exponents of the urban musical genre to do the usual: break the schemes and implement the novel and extraordinary, goes beyond“all the time”, that is, means“at all times and without failures “.

25/8 of Bad Bunny

In the theme song of the singer Bad Bunny titled with this term, he states that he will remain the same at all times despite the attacks and adversity. It has been a theme with a lot of receptivity, today it has more than 25 million views on Youtube.

Other Contexts and Connotations

  • 25/8 is a mathematical partition or split operation. His result would be 3,125.
  • Also titled 25/8 is the song of American singer Mary Blinge released in 2011.
  • In the Bible, one of the significant verses is Genesis 25:8. It says, “And the spirit exhaled, and Abraham died in good old age, old and full of years, and was united to his people.”

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The urban music industry continues to generate content and expressions that move away from the common, at first glance they may seem bizarre, rare and unacceptable to many, but the results through social media and the internet end up saying the opposite. We are not in charge of judging, but we are in charge of providing the most accurate information 25/8.