Writing a message and adding emoticons is a custom that many of us have adopted, since most of these “faces” express exactly what we are saying. Among the varied collection of figurines, we want to define one of them very unique :3 Does this have a meaning? Here we will tell you!

The symbol :3 is for recurring use in our text messages, WhatsApp or social networks. It is used to describe something as adorable, innocent, totally pleasing or satisfying.

Use of the emoticon :3

For a better understanding of the meaning of this symbol, we show you some example dialogs.

Dialogue I: To show empathy or express tenderness about something. Have you seen Gabriela’s dog? – Yes, it is very beautiful! :3

Dialogue II: To express the “hot” or “hot” side of a topic. Representing a person who bites his lower lip in full conversation. Will you come with me to watch a movie at home? :3 -Yes, sure, I like the idea. :3

Origin and connotations of :3

There are three theories that explain its provenance. Let’s take a look! It is said to be of Japanese origin and comes from Japanese anime-manga. Used to rate something as “pretty or kawaii“.

Another theory assures that it is a facial expression and reflects a person biting his lower lip, mostly to express sexual or libidinous desire.

Finally, it can also resemble the face of a cat, with the two dots representing the eyes and the number 3 the muzzle or nose; without neglecting its meaning that something is adorable.


is a neologism that comes from the emotion-icons combination. Emoticons using symbols : ) were pioneers in text messaging services, but thanks to technological advances they have been replaced by more expressive and better-designed figures. 😉😂🙌


Knowing the meaning of the emoticons that we use daily in our conversations will give us more clarity when using them. We’ll meet again!

Other meanings that may be of interest: