The titles of the songs of the moment do not usually include too many numbers, but in this case Ariana Grande has done it with 34 + 35, the title of one of her singles.

The numbers 34 + 35 seem like a simple sum, but there are many sexual references in them. After adding 34 + 35 it will not be difficult to understand what he means.

69 (result of 34 + 35) is one of the sexual positions that Ariana Grande refers to in this letter.

The singer is working on leaving the subtle and childish image of Disney or Nickelodeon girls. Quite the contrary, we see a total change in his musical line.

However, 69 is not the only reference, but 34 + 35 letter refers to other situations. References such as staying awake to make “the delicious one” are others that we can find.

“Babies like water” and “you said it tastes like candy” continue with the “veiled” references that the singer makes. In short, a song that does not need too many explanations.

Other meanings that may be of interest: