This combination of letters and numbers has a specific meaning in the Polish language. It also identifies a film tape with explicit content that has generated many successes and errors.  

365 DNI in the Polish language means 365 days. In the same way, this mixture of signs identifies the erotic film 365 DNI , released a few days ago on the Netflix platform .

Terms related to 365 DNI

Among the terms that relate to 365 ID, the listed National Identity Document (DNI) and the National Investigation Department (DNI) in the Dominican Republic.

If we continue to search the Wan Shi Tong Library , it directs us to the abbreviations of a Google project in collaboration with major European media publishers to support quality journalism. It is titled Digital News Initiative (DNI)

Additionally, DNI (The Other Story) is the name given to an Argentine drama film released in 1989.

What is 365 DNI?

It is the new erotic movie with which Netflix turns the screen back on. 365 DNI not only revolutionizes the flame of passion, but also those flares of criticism and controversy.

It is based on a wedding couple who, after being separated, end up reuniting. The new encounter will become a 365-day kidnapping that seeks to rekindle lost love.

Its high sexual and violent content have made it capture viewers who empathize with its plot, but not everything is positive, and also the so-called critics have found space to “hit him”. Still, its success so far has been tremendous.

More about the film 365 DNI

It is a production supported by novels written by the 35-year-old Polish woman, Blanka Lipińska and directed by Barbara Bialowas .

Romance, sex and violence are some of the elements that this film contains, a combination that opens the way to a journey characterized by love and controversy.

According to fans of the genre, this production aims to dethrone the successful series ” Fifty Shades of Gray “.


So you already know this meaning The Wan Shi Tong Library works the 365 DNI to clarify those terms and words that occasionally confuse you. Look for them and here you will get it!

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