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Definition of 4Hunnid

4Hunnid, is the name of a clothing brand belonging to the American rapper and urban fashion guru YG ( Keenon Daequan ) and, according to him, its meaning is the same as saying “always a hundred“.

The Californian artist, who has also participated on the big screen, built the brand in 2016, which has also been part of his music label.

YGYoung Gánster” (rebellious youth) is an artist of violent behavior belonging to the ” Blood gang ” and with an outstanding nose for fashion. His style tends to be peculiarly urban and casual, making him stand out for his original way of dressing.

My Life 4Hunnid

This is how the new music album by rapper YG is entitled, from which his single ” Blood Walk ” is derived . Song made in collaboration with Lil Wayne and D3szn.

In the album, the rapper publishes a repertoire of music inspired by political protest, this due to the events of police violence against men of color that occurred in recent months.