In the first place, 5201314, refers to the number five million two hundred one thousand three hundred fourteen for the countries and people that handle Arabic numerals.

5201314, too, contains another meaning that starts from the homophony of the language used in China. Each number has a sound similar to other words in the language, and for this reason, Chinese citizens hide messages within number sequences .

The sequence 5201314 means “I will love you forever” or, better, “I will love you to death.” Thus, in those seven numbers a message is contained that is a promise of love similar to that made by marriage vows in the West.

Why is 5201314 used?

5201314, and similar number codes, are used because they are an easier way to remember parts of the alphabet, that is, this is used as a mnemonic formula that makes it easier to learn some words.

Using Arabic numbers, such as 5201314, for Chinese infants is to provide them with a more universal language, this system is called Pinyin and is based on the fact that through the sounds that these words emit, and that are similar to those of some Chinese words, various messages can be encoded and transmitted.

The popularity of 5201314, and other similar codes, means that it is not only used in China, but various people in the world use these number sequences to send hidden messages. This practice makes people more and more familiar with the sounds and meanings of some lexemes of the Chinese vocabulary. 

5201314 number to number

Chinese codes, such as 5201314, are commonly used in email addresses, whether they are web pages or emails . Finding one of these sequences may mean the possibility of finding a hidden message, in that case, people can be guided by the following meaning guide:

1: want 2: love 3: laughter, joy, security

4: death, world 5: me 6: transmit

7: wife, eat 8: get rich, no 9: a lot of time, alcohol

The code 5201314 contains a zero and, as you can see, this number is not in the guide. The reason for this is that the zero is just a companion that has no particular meaning.

With the above guide you can decipher 5201314 easily. Thus, it would be 5: I, 2: love, 0: null, 1: want, 3: security, 1: want and 4: death; for this reason it is interpreted as “I will love you to death”