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Definition of 687

Surely you’ve also wondered what “687” means, and that’s why you find yourself visiting us here. At, we are going to explain in detail the meaning of 687 and everything related to this curious “term”. And we start!

687 is used to express regret or apologize in Chinese. How can it be possible if the Chinese characters are totally different, you may be wondering. Well, this has a totally logical explanation, I guarantee it.

As we mentioned earlier, 687 means “sorry” in Chinese. Taking into account that sorry or sorry is pronounced (duì bù qǐ) and that in China, in the cyber environment, it is preferred to use numbers that are pronounced similar to the desired expression, we construct the word:

  • The number 6 in Chinese is pronounced (liù) which looks like the first syllable (duì)
  • The number 8 in Chinese is pronounced (bā) which looks like (bù)
  • The number 7 is pronounced (qī) which corresponds to (qǐ)

If we put it all together, 687 (liù bā qī) resembles sorry (duì bù qǐ) with a little creativity and gradually accustoming the ear to the Chinese language.

Now you know how to use 687 for when you want to creatively apologize. Or, you can show off to your friends that you know how to say sorry in Chinese and surprise them.

687 in numerology

In case you want to know what 687 means in numerology , here we also present it to you. To understand its meaning it is necessary to see the individual background of each number:

  • 6: represents responsibility, love, understanding and balance.
  • 7: denotes intellect, thought, analysis, idealism and wisdom.
  • 8: represents organization, perseverance and mastery over energy.

As you can see, 687 is positive according to numerology, so if it appears to you often, consider it a sign of a good omen.