Users of various social networks seek to develop language and express their feelings in different ways, and one of the ways to do so is through letters and numbers.

The expression “7u7” is one of these; It is an emoticon that serves to add humor and expressiveness to images and conversations , it can be found in casual conversations, chat rooms, forums and more.

7u7 can mean different things: A sad face in which the number 7 forms the eyes (the horizontal line) with falling tears (vertical line), and the letter “u” forms the mouth in a sad position.

In a sad conversation, you can use 7u7 to talk about a feeling of sadness or desolation , along with phrases such as “another weekend without going out 7u7” or “my puppy is sick 7u7”.

7u7 in sex

The “7u7” is also used with a sexual meaning, which varies in intensity according to the intention of the person who is expressing himself . 

In this case, the numbers “7” work like the eyes looking mischievously in the same direction, and the “u” is the open mouth or the tongue, thus the 7u7 expresses sexual thoughts in a comical way. 

Many use the 7u7 emoticon together with expressions such as “let’s have sex”, “let’s be in the dark”, “let’s do sexual things”. In other words, it serves to complement messages, for example: “Give me a kiss 7u7”, “Let’s go to bed 7u7”.

Although “7u7” is not used in professional conversations or communications, its use in informal conversations is very widespread to express sadness, and in picaresque and intimate conversations between young adults.

That is, “7u7” can mean something to one person, and to another it can have a completely different meaning.