A pale, is a term that has become popular after appearing in the song of the Spanish singer Rosalia. This phrase comes from a language not well known outside of Spain, so it holds a certain mystery about what A Pale means and also about its origins.

The phrase A pale, comes from the Calé language, better known as the gypsy language outside of Spain. So, literally translated from Calé, A Pale means “Hide and Seek.”

The origin of A Pale comes from the Calo language, which in turn is a derivative of Roma. The Romani language is the original language spoken by the gypsies.

It is said that the Romani language comes from northwestern India, but, it was enriched by European and Asian languages that had contact with him.

In the case of Calé or Calo language, the greatest interaction it had was with Spanish and French. In both cases, Calé ended up contributing words to both languages.

A Pale song

In November of the year 2019 the Spanish interpreter Rosalia publishes her song A Pale as a new promotional single.

As usual, Rosalia usually makes use of elements of Spanish folklore within her songs, such as flamenco, Andalusian phrases and others.

In the case of the song A Pale, the singer finds inspiration in the gypsy culture of Spain, using gypsy words in her songs.

It is really in his music video where the term A Pale explores his aesthetics more deeply. In the general context of the song A pale, the singer Rosalia shows a dark and gloomy atmosphere, making sense that the meaning of A Pale is “Sneaking.”

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