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AA degree

Definition of AA degree

The term AA degree is one that you may have seen in a textbook or website but … do you really know what it means? Next we will show you what AA degree means and what its origins are.

The origin of AA degree comes from the English language, exactly from the term Associate Degree. So, if we literally translate Associate Degree into Spanish, we get the phrase “Associate Degree”.

In this way the meaning of AA degree is “Career or Technical Degree”, this type of degree is less than the professional degree.

According to its nature, the AA degree is a degree that is in the middle of the bachelor’s degree and the university degree respectively.

A technical degree or AA degree tends to last for approximately 2 years providing the student with a certain level of professional degree.

This type of degree is called Pre-degree, which means that it is one step less than the regular degree.

The AA degree is one of the modalities of education for which many students choose given its short duration.

These degrees can be obtained either in vocational schools, universities, technical training centers and others.