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Definition of ADMV

Surely you have already heard Maluma’s song titled ADMV, but… what do these lyrics mean? If you want to know the meaning of ADMV, we invite you to continue reading.

Juan Luis Londoño Arias or better known as ” Maluma “, is a Colombian composer of pop, reggaeton and trap, although this did not stop him on 04/23/2020 from releasing a romantic album titled “ADMV”.

ADMV in Spanish stands for “ Amor DMVida”, where it is speculated that Natalía Barulích is the girl to whom this musical title is addressed.

Many thought that these acronyms came from some pun or a popular expression typical of Colombia, where the singer is from. Words like Tusa , Chimba Vacano , among others are the most recent.

You already know what ADMV means in Maluma’s song