The term Aficie, is a word used very frequently in the colloquial language of the Dominican Republic, this is closely related to falling in love and interpersonal relationships. Next, you will know the meaning of Aficie in the Dominican Republic.

The origins of Aficie comes from the Spanish language word “Asfixia” which literally means “Breathing interruption.”

Now then, the meaning of Aficie in the Dominican Republic is conceived as “Feeling of being very attracted to a person.”

It is said that when someone is in Aficie state, their attraction to the second person is usually very evident.

Something else that characterizes the Aficie is the lack of common sense and reason, making sense of its origin when compared to a person who loses his breath or air.

As a fact to highlight the person who suffers from Aficie is usually known as “Aficiado” or “Aficiao”.


  • “Alicia is very Aficiada of Pedro”: Alicia is very attracted to Pedro.
  • “Diache but Juan has a strong Aficie”: ​​Incredible, Juan is very much in love.

On the other hand, this term is also used in the phrase “Aficiado like a dog”, this phrase refers to the behavior of dogs in times of heat.

Now you know what Aficie means