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Definition of Ahuevo

Ahuevo is a word that you can find everywhere, mainly if you are in Mexico. Here at we will tell you the meaning of Ahuevo

As we already mentioned, ahuevo is a jargon normally used in Mexico , although over time it is also common to hear it in almost any Latin American country. Like almost any jargon, now Ahuevo adopted several meanings, some of them areof courseunderstood and a few others.

One of the most common ways of using it is when trying to explain something to someone; At every moment he responds, ahuevo!, implying that he is perfectly understanding what you explain to him.

Another way in which you can use AHuevo, is when they give you one or another order, for example.

  • Tonight you have to do the project for the end of grade or you won’t be able to pass. Answer: AHuevo! Translation: That’s right.

It should also be noted that another way of writing or saying this word is Awebo , since phonetically they are the same, and their context is the same.

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