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Albur today is a play on words that often conceals a content of a sexual nature and a set of linguistic phenomena participate in this, which in summary explains how, with the use of homonymous words, double-faced and even proper names, the real message is hidden.

The albures are very characteristic of Mexico, at first the use of these was popular with people of low educational level and were considered rude.

It was popular among the masculine gender, but little by little it was involving women. This like all games has rules within these we will mention the most relevant:

  • Prevent the opponent from answering what has already been said.
  • Use the necessary intonation and stress with several words and space.
  • Insults cannot be used directly.
  • You must answer in less than 5 seconds.
  • It is won when the opponent runs out of answers.

Examples of some albures: