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Alerta Amarilla

Definition of Alerta Amarilla

Yellow weather alerts (Alerta Amarilla) mean the weather will be uncomfortable enough to have to change planes or areas of imminent danger. In other words, Yellow means annoying weather events that still have an impact on your daily routine and that may cause some danger during the event, although this is not all that yellow alert means.

Alerta Amarilla (Yellow alerts) are the most common and have different meanings, as they may require more advanced planning. For example:

  • The journey will take longer
  • Minor league games could be delayed or rain
  • Schools may drop out early
  • You will get wet walking the children to the bus stop.
  • A threat of snow accumulation
  • Constant rain or heavy fog during AM and / or PM travel
  • Winter storm watch
  • Severe T-storm surveillance

In other words,Alerta Amarilla (yellow alerts) are events that can affect our daily routine and prevent them from executing during their transition.


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