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Definition of Aluza

Possibly you have already heard the word aluza, and perhaps you thought that it was mispronounced or that it is one of so many invented jargons, but it does exist and here we bring you exactly what it means aluza

Aluza is a conjugation of the verb “aluzar” which means to light or illuminate. In this case, “Aluza” is specifically the third person singular, “El Aluza”. It should be noted that this word is widely used as a synonym for thinking.

This word is very little known, since it is normally replaced by the word light, which is more recognized and used colloquially.

Now we will show several examples of how to use this word:

  • Could you please aluzarme here, I don’t see very well with this shadow.
  • If your friend me aluza around here, probably terms faster
  • If we all aluzamos together, we can all see better.

You know what aluza means.