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Am en Maya

Definition of Am en Maya

In 2010, approximately 734,611 speakers of this language were registered and many others are already beginning to practice it. Here at we will tell you the meaning of Am en Maya and in which parts of the world communicate through this historical language. Go ahead!

The word Am en Maya means Spider, which is an invertebrate arthropod animal whose main characteristics is to have eight legs and a kind of tweezers that are called queliperos. This strange word comes from a 4000-year-old language B.C. Continue reading to us and learn more. 馃憞

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Where Does the Word Am en Maya Come From?

The word Am en Maya originates from the Mayan culture, specifically the so-called proto-Maya language, the oldest language. This ancestral language was used by Central American Aborigines 4000 or 5000 years ago to communicate verbally.

Despite being a highly historical language, its use remains in many regions of Central America. Today speakers of this language can be found in much of Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and southern Mexico.

Curious Words of the Maya Language

We show you a series of words used by the Mayan culture.

路         Achichincle

This curious expression is extracted from nahualt (Mexican macro), and its meaning is as follows:

atl is equal to“water”and chichinqui means“suck” is defined as“sucking water”. It is widely used in Spanish, especially these Central American regions, to refer derogatoryly to the person who “does everything said by his boss”. Which is equal to a despicable subject.

路         Papalote

It also comes from nahualt, and is extracted from the word papalotl. It means butterfly.

路         Cuate

It is native to the nahualt“Cuatl” and its meaning is twin, twin. Today, the word cuate is widely used by Mexican culture and its connotation is “friend”.

路         S谩as

Glass object used for divination activities.

路         Awat Che’ej

It means, “laugh with laughter.”

It’s quite interesting and important to know a little bit about each culture. Our world is constantly changing and globalization influences so much that different cultures mix by making us confused. But don’t forget that you can count on us, our Library always awaits your queries.