In this article you will learn about the meaning of the word amen, a millennial term of Hebrew origin and which has historically been linked to religion,mainly to Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The book where this word is most present is in The Bible, being used by believers at the end of a prayer or prayer.

Amen means “whether or so it is”and is used as a sign of approval or reaffirmation at the end of a prayer, prayer,religious worship or prayer. Likewise, it can be defined as“Truth or certainly”.

Various Uses

In addition if used as a religious symbol, it is used in other colloquial contexts of our language, let’s review some:

  • “In a santiaménwhich refers to a short period of time. For example:“Rodrigo arrived in a santiamén
  • When used next to the preposition“of” is the same as saying“in addition to ” for example:“Amen of rehearsals, you have to do all the reports”.
  • “Saying amen to everything” translates as affirming everything. The word amen can be supplemented by “Yes”
  • “Get to the amenes” when used in the plural. It represents coming when something is being concluded

Birth of the Amen Word

It was first found in the book of chronicles (Queen Valera 16:34-36) where it is appreciated: “Praise the Lord because he is good. Because his mercy is eternal. Say: Save us, Lord, our God, and bring us together from among the nations, to celebrate your holy name and have our glory in praising you. Blessed be the Lord, God of Israel, from always and always: Let all the people say Amen. Hallelujah. The whole people answered Amen and praised the Lord.”

There is also the belief that in ancient times when a man uttered this word, he did not do so in vain, but spoke as seriously as possible, taking on himself as a divine oath .  

Let’s Say All Amen

In expressing the word amen we must be aware that it represents a tremendous commitment to fidelity to the teachings from divine mandates. It is to make a covenant of faith and to reaffirm to God that we agree to obey all that he tells us through his word.