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On this occasion, we will review the meaning and various uses of the word Ámonos, which is part not only of Mexico as many sources point out, but also from a large number of Hispanic countries. Let’s study this expression a little confusing, but popular. In The Wan Shi Tong Library, we’ll tell you the meaning of ámonos and what it means to ámonos in Spanish.

It seems obvious, and so it is… the meaning of ámonos is“let’s go,” yet, say ámonos is a somewhat jocular and fun way to utter this word. Ámonos become part of a country’s localized words, but it is an expression that has crossed many borders.

Spelling, Concept and Origin of Ámonos

The word ámonos be accentuated in the first syllable, just as let us go; both are sdrújujo words. Let’s go to the first person of plural (nosotros, nosotras) affirmative imperative form of irse (with the pronoun “nos”).

This expression is used in a jocular or pampering way, has a children’s and fun projection at the same time. It’s like hearing a little baby pronounce the word “let’s go.”

It is said to come from Mexico, but it is not verifiable. It has been so popular that it is used in countless memes on different social media platforms.

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Examples and Memes of Ámonos

The uniqueness of this word has caused it to go viral on social media, also causing memes and funny phrases about it to emerge.

  • Ámonos be a compadre.
  • Now Ámonos to home.
  • Ámonos get out of here.

In another order of ideas, Vámonos Becky G theme song released in 2019 and that is part of his album“Mala Santa”. The song #5 featured with the collaboration of producers such as DJ Julian, Justin Quiles, Los Mambo Kingz,among others.

Also, let’s review similar words:

Amonarse is synonymous with getting drunk or drunk.

Amón is a holiness of the Egyptians.

Amon refers to a Marquis from hell.

It concludes by asserting that there will be many words and expressions that will go from local to all over the planet, this simply by the mere fact of finding ourselves in a world increasingly entaught of globalization. Let’s go!