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Definition of Arrebatá

The term Arrebatá is a colloquial expression from the island of Puerto Rico , below we will show you what is the meaning of Arrebatá and its origins.

In the colloquial jargon of Puerto Rico, a woman who is under the influence of narcotics or other narcotic substances is called arrebatá.

Arrebatá works as an adjective that denotes the aforementioned and should not be confused with arrebata, which is the third person of the verb arrebatar (to snatch).

In this context, said word is of vulgar use and exclusively colloquial between the streets of Puerto Rico and occasionally the Dominican Republic .


  •  Ana is well arrebatá this night ” – Tonight Ana is under the influence of drugs.

Thanks to the great use it has, this term has appeared in a large number of songs and themes within Puerto Rican urban music.

Arrebata Origin

This term originates as a deformation of the word arrebatada which in turn comes from the term arrebato (snatch) or the verb arrebatar (to snatch).

According to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, an outburst is a sudden, sudden and unexpected impulse that a person may have.

Also, verbally, arrebatar means to remove something abruptly and quickly, that is, violently.

Starting from these definitions, the expression arrebatá o arrebatáo is born where through the use of narcotic substances a person arrebata himself his sanity and modesty.