Bacano is a term widely used in Latin countries such as Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. If you want to know what its meaning is, keep reading, because soon will tell you the meaning of Bacano in Spanish. Shall we start?

The term bacano is another of the popular expressions that characterize Latinos; one that due to its meaning and the way it is used, is very easy to understand.

Bacano is an adjective that can describe people, objects, situations, etc . It can be synonymous with cool, pleasant, beautiful, surprising and many other terms that have a similar concept.

Below we will present you several sentences with the word Bacano:

  • My teacher is a bacano, because today he bought pizza for everyone in the classroom.
  • That motorcycle is bacanisima! Did you see the color and the rims it has? … wao!
  • I had bacano with my girlfriend yesterday; We went to the cinema and we kissed first.
Other meanings that may be of interest: