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Definition of Badabun

You may have heard the word “Badabun” heard on social media, in memes, on YouTube and even on the streets. Here at, we will explain what badabun is and what is the meaning of the word Badabun. Ahead!

Badabun is an entertainment channel that produces video content; The most outstanding ones have been those of the series “Atrapando Infieles” that is recorded in the streets of Mexico, but don’t be surprised if you find them in your country.

It should be noted that badabun has spread, becoming one of the largest networks of influences in Latin America. Not only are they an entertainment channel, they are almost everything they set out to be. 

This platform is managed by Badabun Network, which also has links with large Spanish-language YouTube users such as  Werevertumorro  , DebRyanShow and Juan De Dios Pantoja .

Definition of the word Badababun

The meaning of the word badabun does not seem to exist, not even in wikipedia, and this is because it is simply an expression. However if we use the translator and try several languages, you will realize how obvious its meaning is. For example, in languages ​​like Hindi, this word means big bomb, or the sound of an explosion, and now… it has no other meaning, so it is not on wikipedia.

Some wonder what badabun means on facebook , but the truth is that badabun became famous in facabook for the memes that have gone viral.

You know what Badabun means.