Surely you are wondering what it means Baje con Trenza, and perhaps that is because Kiko El Crazy and The Cherry Scom released a music video with that title, right?… But don’t worry because here in We are here to give you the meaning of everything. Do we start

Baje con Trenza, an expression that to understand it first you have to separate, define the words involved and then proceed to explain it.

Baje: This word is used as a synonym for arriving, referring to the fact that I arrive from a higher place geographically speaking.
Trenzas: Braids are woven results of interlacing some long and flexible material, such as hair.

Taking into account the aforementioned, Baje con Trenza means arriving or returning with braided hair, but this is not all that means under with braid.

Kiko El Crazy and El Cherry Scom, when using this expression in their music video, want to express that they returned very well; Where they were, it was great.

In the colloquial vocabulary, saying “ hasta con trenzas llegue ” means that where I was, I had the availability and patience to tolerate the long process of making braids.

You know what Baje con Trenza meaning in Dominican Republic

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