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Definition of Banda

The term Banda with the naked eye may be related to music or street gangs, but this is not all that it means. Next we will show you what is the meaning of banda in the Dominican Republic and what are its origins.

Meaning of Banda in Dominican Republic

The origin of banda is certainly diffuse since in its most literal meaning it can refer to a group of people or a musical group.

One of the theories about the origin of this word says that it originates from a comet or (Chichigua).

Thus, when one of these kites was cut from the thread that held it and drifted down slowly, it was said that this kite “went on bandae.” Taking this into account, the meaning of banda in the Dominican Republic is “Letting go of something”

This meaning is mostly used in the colloquial context of the Dominican Republic, where the term “Dar Banda” is born.

It is said that someone gives Banda when they let something go either calmly or abruptly.


  • “ I gave banda to that matter ”: Let that matter go.
  • ” Juan gave his girlfriend banda “: Juan left his girlfriend.

Another way to use this ingenious term is as a synonym for “leave alone” or leave alone.


  • ” Pedro give me banda please “: Pedro leave me alone please.
  • ” I have to give myself my banda “: I have to be left alone.

Banda in music

In the world of Dominican urban music the term dar banda enjoys great popularity among the exponents of this genre.

In fact, several of them have published songs in whose title this curious phrase makes an appearance.

An example of this is the song “ Dame Banda ” of the urban exponent known as “ Secret The famous Baby Bottle ”