Hay términos que tienen una amplia variedad de significados y a medida que investigas más profundamente, te encuentras con nueva información que probablemente no manejaste. Este es el caso de la palabra “Barraco”, que tiene varias connotaciones que se adaptan a diferentes contextos. ¡Ven con nosotros para aprender todo sobre este término!

The word Barraco is used to refer to a person who excels in any aspect, closely resembles the Colombian term“Berraco” which means“person who stands out for his talent or skill”.

Uses and Connotations of the Barraco Word

  • You’re too barraco.”
  • You manage to stand out for your great talent, that’s being a barraco

In Chile, the term Barraco is referred to as a tree related to the ñipa (low-height and heavily branched shrub), and although sometimes confused, unlike the ñipa, the barraco has a bad smell.

This word is also used as an adjective to refer to courageous people, who fear nothing and possess great strength.

  • “Qué barraco es ese hombre, él sigue luchando”.
  • “Ese hombre es un barraco, tiene el coraje que muchos carecen”.

Moreover, this termis handled as an old-fashioned word referring to a small piece of artillery, used as a campaign in a flat place devoid of mountains.

Barraco Origin

Both “Barraco” and “Berraco” are used in Latin America, usually to define someone who is very brave. However, this word is coming from Europe and the correct way to write it is “Verraco“.

In Spain we can find several statues called“Verracos de Piedra”, which are figures of bulls carved into the rock.


En España existe un municipio llamado “El barraco “, ubicado en la provincia de Ávila, comunidad autónoma de Castilla y León.


Not only does this word turn out to be a box of surprises, there are many terms that also have different meanings and vary according to various factors. We recommend that you stay with us so that you know more meanings and feed on their varied connotations Until the next time!

You know what Barraco means.

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