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Definition of Bellaco

Bellaco, a characteristic word of the island of Puerto Rico, where it is often used colloquially in the music and urban environment of the island. Next, we will show you what Bellaco means and what its origin is.

Meaning of Bellaco in Puerto Rico

In the context of the Puerto Rican or Puerto Rican dialect, the meaning of Bellaco is the “state that indicates a strong predisposition for intimate relationships.”

It is said that when a person is beautiful he tends to have very high libido, in other words, he feels great sexual needs.


“Today I am very Bellaco” – Today I am very libidinous.

“Ana is a bellaca”: Ana is a maniac of intimate relationships.

As an additional fact , the term Bellaqueo is born from the word Bellaco , another term just as popular as the original word.

In the world of Puerto Rican urban music, the word Bellaco is one of the most repeated and popular in street songs.

For example, in the popular song Transformers, by Puerto Rican singer Eddie Dee, this word makes an appearance.

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Eddie Dee

Meaning of Bellaco in Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, the term Bellaco is used in a less informal way than on the neighboring island of Puerto Rico.

In the Dominican colloquial language, the meaning of Bellaco is “Evil and malicious person.” This meaning is more related to the literal meaning of the word than its Puerto Rican variant.

You know what does bellaco mean in spanish