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Definition of Bellacoso

Bellacoso is a word from Puerto Rico that has risen to fame after the publication of the single of the same name by the singers Residente and Bad Bunny . Next we will tell you the meaning of Bellacoso and some additional information.

The origin of Bellacoso comes directly from the term “Bellaco” or “Bellaqueo” both terms of the island of Puerto Rico.

In this way, the meaning of Bellacoso is “Something that is Bellaco “, since, the suffix “Bear” creates an adjective derived from the adjective “Bellaco”.

To understand the context of this term we must go back to the use of the word “Bellaco” on the island of Puerto Rico.

The word Bellaco or Bellaca has a strong explicit context and is interpreted as a term that works as a synonym for “Feeling like intimate.”

So this word can be interpreted as “Something that is Morbid” or “Something that is of sexual connotation.”


  • “That movie is very beautiful”: That movie is morbid.
  • ” Today Pedro is too Bellacoso “: Today Pedro is very “Bellaco”.

Bellacoso in music

It is well known that this word gained remarkable popularity after the premiere of the single “Bellacoso”, a song written by Bad Bunny and Resident.

This song was published on July 25, 2019 as a result of a promise from the Resident singer During the cycle of protests that he proclaimed:

“If Governor Ricardo Rosello resigned from his position then I will compose a song.”

Indeed, after giving in to the protests, Governor Rosello hiso publishes his resignation, while in turn Resident kept his promise through this issue.