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Definition of Benevolencia

Benevolencia is an act of kindness or an inclination to be kind. It is the quality of someone who volunteers in a soup kitchen, teaches children for free, and helps old women cross the street, although this is not the whole meaning of Benevolencia.

To understand the concept of  benevolencia, we must know that it comes from the Latin root that means “desire”. 

We can contextualize benevolencia as the virtue that a person has to promote the well-being of others.  

Benevolencia, or  goodwill, are terms that indicate a charitable willingness to do good to others and to act with genuinely compassionate and kind considerations of their needs and wants. 

The definition of benevolencia can be very extensive, but benevolencia is generally defined as an ethical virtue of vital importance in most human societies, religions, philosophies and cultures.

Synonyms of Benevolencia: kindness, humanity, tenderness, empathy

Antonyms of Benevolencia: bestiality, brutality, callousness, cold blood, cruelty, hardness of heart, inhumanity, savagery.

Types of Benevolencia

The benevolencia between husband and wife

The Christian apostle Paul warns, that the husband give the wife due benevolencia; And so does the wife to the husband. 

Every day benevolencia can seem like a sincere apology. Be the first to offer it. Don’t be offended if he speaks with a language of love different from yours. Don’t say “I told you so.” 

Allow yourself the space to make mistakes and forgive quickly when they do occur. A wise man said to his wife on his wedding day: “It takes two to argue. I promise that I will not be one of them ”. 

Benevolencia is a desire to make your spouse feel happy and loved.

Benevolencia in the family

Eleven-year-old Jameson was saving for a special toy, but did not have enough money to buy it. Hearing her plight, Sarah, 8, offered her all her money so her brother could have what he wanted. 

Children are often examples of benevolencia. When they see someone hungry, they share their sandwich. If someone is cold, they offer you a blanket. 

When someone is suffering, they give hugs. As an adult, you are caring for an elderly parent. Handing over the report of the forgotten book to her son’s class. 

Hand wash mom’s china because she likes it done that way. Welcoming the unexpected visits of the in-laws. Benevolencia is being selfless and choosing to put the wants and needs of family members before ours.

Benevolencia in the community

Outside the Gate, beautiful in Jerusalem, a beggar begged the Christian apostles Peter and John to ask for alms. 

They replied: “What I have I give you.” They did not give money. Instead, healing was given to this crippled man. Benevolencia is giving what you have. 

He is donating to the sale of used items from the local church. Maintain a well-kept patio and clean a neighbor’s if you have difficulty doing so. You could collect canned food for the food bank. Volunteer at a school or family shelter. 

Support local firefighters and police at their annual banquets. Buy some Girl Scout cookies. Coach of the recreational football team. Visit nursing homes or long-term care facilities simply to befriend and listen to a lonely soul.

Benevolencia at work

In ancient Israel, debtors were forgiven of debts and the poor taken on with strangers. What a welcome gift in our judgment-loving world. Benevolencia in the workplace could mean lending a hand on a project that is outside of your job requirements. 

Sharing a lunch with a colleague who seems overwhelmed or alone. Withhold the judgment of someone who is less competent. Accept constructive criticism. Be the first to defend someone and the last to add fuel to the fire of gossip. Benevolencia is being happy for the success of others.

Benevolencia in the Bible

The Savior Jesus Christ exemplified God’s benevolence in each of his waking minutes, from eating with so-called sinners to healing the blind and lame. 

Benevolencia is a willingness to do good; a generous act of goodwill, kindness, or sympathy. It is a gift or act of charity with no expectation of refund. What does benevolence look like in daily life?

Benevolencia is a word that we do not usually use today. However, it is a principle. 

Confucius  taught benevolencia as the central idea of ​​his philosophy, and the Chinese character of benevolencia is a combination of the signs “people” and “two”, which means how people should treat each other.

The Benefits of Benevolencia.

Benevolencia produces benefits, not in dollars and cents, but in the heart. The poet Robert Burns describes it this way: “But deep in this truth I was impressed by the mind: Through all his works abroad, The benevolent and kind heart He who is most like God.” You feel a feeling of inner peace and outer love. Imagine how you would feel, how your family, your community or your workplace would feel if you were benevolent at least once a day. 

Imagine how peace around the world could progress if leaders acted in benevolencia toward their subjects and nations toward others. Whether it’s a spouse or family member, in the community, or in the workplace, give the gift of benevolencia today.

And you know the meaning of benevolencia