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Benito Camelo

Definition of Benito Camelo

If at any time one of your friends or acquaintances has asked you if you know Benito Camelo and you have been speechless because you do not know what to answer, then you are in the right place. Here at we will tell you exactly who Benito Camelo is. Ready?

Benito Camelo, seems to be a common name, right?… Yes and no; because although the name could be anyone, it is also a vulgar way of saying ” come and touch me “, referring to the intimate parts of men and women.

Benito Camelo is an albur, which is known as a pun that has a double meaning and can be interpreted in one way or another depending on the context.

Now you know, if someone asks you about Benito Camelo, it is likely that they want to snort for a while and you will decide whether to go along with it or not.

You know what Benito Camelo means.