Do you want to know the meaning of berraco? Here we will tell you everything related to this very common word in several countries of the world. Let’s get in on the subject!

The Berraco is the male pig not neutered and used as a stallion to procreate, although also in popular language, a berraco is that man hardworking and fighting, is synonymous with courage.

The Use of the Berraco Word

In countries like Colombia this expression has reached a high popularity index, as it is commonly used by all inhabitants both to refer to an act of bravery and in its failing to denote anger. Although most of the time it is written with“V”, it is also usually accepted with “B”.

  • “Luis is a berraco cooking”

Louis is mentioned here for his great cooking skills.

  • “Today I’m berraco

This expression is used to let you know that you are in a bad temper.

If we move to the island of Cuba, the word berraco is also part of its colloquial language. When you hear this word on the island, it’s because they’re referring to the male pig, or also to point to an imbecile, useless person.

In Panama in the same way we will listen to this word, and here it is used to refer to a person with a difficult temperament.

  • “My brother is very berraco that’s why we always fight”.

Berraco and Verraco

Although the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) does not define Berraco between its pages, it has not been an impediment to society to use and give it to the same meaning of Verraco, without this word being erroneous.

If we go to the definition of Verraco according to the SAR, it mentions a pig father, but also refers to a foolish person, or despicable for his misconduct.

As we continue our search, we find that Verraco in art and archaeology, is a great animal sculpture that can represent bulls and pigs. These are works characteristic of the veton culture, a Celtiberic people west of the Hispanic plateau.

We concluded with this word that you’ve probably heard before in Colombian series, but you know what is part of popular language in several Latin American countries. We recommend you to continue to be a Berraco of reading, knowledge is power.