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Bibble Barbie

Definition of Bibble Barbie

The word Bibble Barbie is related to the character Bibble” that is part of an animated children’s movie titled “Barbie Fairytopia

You can also find this name on various online sales pages, where the famous Bibble character is offered as a cuddly stuffed animal.

Bibble Barbie translation and connotations

If we break down both words, Bibble means Bible in Spanish, however, the term does not have a relationship with the character of the children’s saga.

For its part, the word Barbie has to do with the name of the first doll manufactured by the Mattel toy company in 1959.

It means that the term Bibble Barbie does not have a specific meaning, it is used as a reference to indicate the Bibble character that appears in the Barbie Fairytopia movie.

Barbie Fairytopia Movie

The saga for children produced by Universal and directed by William Lau, has three installments that are known as: Barbie Fairytopia , Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia and the last one so far, released in 2007, titled Barbie Fairytopia Magic of the Rainbow (the magic of the rainbow).

In the latest installment, Elina , who is a cute princess from Fairytopia , goes with her friend Bibble to school in the Crystal Palace. Here she must learn the dance of the fairies and develop the magic that will form the first rainbow of the year.

However, the pretensions of good are tried to stop through the evil fairy ” Laverna “, a character who seeks to create the longest lasting winter that prevents the arrival of a joyous spring. This is how Elina and Bibble will do everything possible to join forces, learn the dance and take over the magic that spring will bring to the city.   

Barbie Fairytopia character

Bibble is a kind of small and chubby mushroom, it is blue with pink spots. In English, its species is defined as a puffball .

Finally, there are 36 films that have been released so far by the famous Barbie line. Among them, Barbie Fairytopia ” The Magic of the Rainbow”, which is among the most prominent. This according to different media tops that closely follow the seventh art. Now you know what to say when talking about Bibble Barbie.