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Definition of Bichi

Bichi is a colloquial word that can refer to several different things or actions depending on the connotation in which it is used. So, next, we will tell you what is the meaning of Bichi and what is its origin.

In Mexico , especially in the north of that country, the word bichi means being naked or naked, as it is popularly said.

It should be noted that this word is exclusively for colloquial use, therefore its use is limited to the typical language of the state of Sonora Mexico.

On the other hand, Bichi is also the name of a Nigerian locality located in the state of Kano a short distance from the Nigerian border.

Another possible meaning of Bichi is the one that poses the word as a deformation of the English expression B * tch.

In this context the term B * tch is used as a synonym for someone who engages in prostitution and is literally translated as a bitch.

Below are some examples of the use of Bichi in its different connotations.

  • “I was wearing a bikini when she saw me” – I was naked when she saw me.
  • “Anita is a complete bichi” – Anita is a complete F * ck.


  1. The word Bichi appears as the title of a Surf Rock song by the Mexican group Vacation , made up of Caloncho and El David Aguilar .
  2. Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny joined this word with the term Yal, to form the name of his song Bichiyal, released on the album YHLQSMDLG .