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Definition of Bistec

Bistec is any red meat cut into a fillet for later consumption. The word bistec comes from the English beef steak Bistec cuts are most often of beef origin. 

These have a very versatile cooking method since they can be made on the grill, barbecue and even fried. 

However, bistec is a generic word for a cut of meat, there are words that are more precise when highlighting the part of the beef that we are precisely eating. 


  • Chop
  • Ribeye
  • Entrecote
  • Veal rib 
  • Sirloin
  • Skirt steak
  • steak

This type of meat cut usually has different cooking points which will depend on the customer’s taste.

For example, a short period of heat maintains the juices of the meat and its tenderness, while a prolonged time of heat will give us a firmer, drier and less tender meat. 

These types of cooking have names and meet certain characteristics;

  • English, cooked very little and in Spain it is often said very little cooked or round and round.
  • A point, the center of the steak is pink and the exterior brown, in Spain it is often said little done.
  • Semi cooked, the steak usually has a general grayish brown color with pink spots and here the juices of the meat begin to decrease.
  • Cooked, in Spain it is often said to be very done, we will see that here the steak completely loses its juiciness. 

Curious fact

In Mexico and Venezuela terms are used instead of points.

  • Well cooked, ¾, medium term and parboiled or English style.

While in Argentina terms such as:

  • Juicy, cooked.