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Black Lives Matter

Definition of Black Lives Matter

It is a phrase that went viral as of 2013, is related to relevant events that occurred mostly in the United States of America. We opened the Wan Shi Tong Library again to find out what this North American expression means.

Black Lives Matter is an American expression that translates into Spanish as: “Black lives matter.” It is also the name of an African American social organization that advocates for rights and social equality in the United States and Canada. Black Lives Matter refers to a category on the Netflix platform that contains films linked to raising awareness of society against racism.

What does Black Lives Matter mean?

It is also known in its abbreviation as BLM. It is created by organized groups in the United States to express their discontent against mistreatment and segregation of Afro-descendant society.

This organization was born after knowing the release from prison of George Zimmerman, a former vigilante volunteer from the Stanford neighborhood in Florida.

Zimmerman was the officer who shot 17-year-old African American student Trayvon Martin. Here you can learn more about this case.

From there, the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter expands, having greater projection after the murder of African-Americans Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

In both cases, the men were killed by police officers who did not have a relevant conviction, according to Black Lives Matter. US justice did not obtain clear evidence of civil rights violence.

Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter?

All Lives Matter – This is a catchphrase used against the #BlackLivesMatter tag. It defines the African American movement as radical and promoter of racism.

White Lives Matter: It is a group of activists who also respond against the philosophy of the BLM movement.

Blue Lives Matter – Created to highlight the importance of safeguarding life by members of the American police.

BLM Facts

• Critics classified the movement as an instrument to harm race relations.
• According to studies, Afro-descendant citizens have fewer social opportunities than white citizens.
• In 2014, the word #BlackLivesMatter was elected word of the year by the American Dialect Society.

Now you know the meaning of Black Lives Matter. More than a simple expression, it is the manifestation of a society that it considers has been harassed and discredited for many years. Reading matters!