Proper noun composed of the noun Blu together with the noun Jerusalema. Blu makes reference to the colored blue of the sea and the sky . It is a mystical name that brings Jewish and Christian religious influences.

Proper nouns that include the word blu as an adjective or noun are becoming more and more popular. The positive emotions linked to the sea, the sky and other blue natural phenomena, have increased parents’ taste for these combinations to include them within the nomenclature of their baby’s name.

For its part, Jerusalema refers to the holy city of Jerusalem.

Etymologically, this word has Sumerian origins, in which the root Uru means city and Shalim, it was a deity associated with evening, sunset, sunset, peace and the end of the day’s work.

The Hebrew form of the term reinforces its Sumerian origins because it is related to the root yeru (house) and shalem or shalom (peace). This would designate Jerusalem as ” House of peace ” or ” City of peace .”

Jerusalem in Jewish culture

Records dating from around 3000-2800 BC. They record that Jerusalem was a large, walled city. However, during the late Bronze Age it lost its walls.

The Jewish tradition was founded by Sem and Eber, ancestors of Abraham. According to the Melchizedek account, the good and just king Salem blessed Abraham with bread and wine when the patriarch of the Hebrew people was nomadic.

Later, around 1004 BC. C. King David, ruler of Israel and the tribe of Judah, takes it from the Jebusites and turns it into the “City of David.” He turned in the city where it settled the people of God and to this day, the Jewish tradition, considers his homeland.

Ruins and vestiges of the king’s city can be found in the present “Old City” of Jerusalem in Israel.

One of King David’s sons, King Solomon, was commissioned to build the temple in Jerusalem. In it were found the ark of the Covenant, the tablets of commandments that, according to tradition, Yahveh gave Moses on Mount Sinai.

Jerusalem in urban culture

Master KG and Nomcebo, South African artists are the authors of one of the hits of the summer in 2020. The song Jerusalema has broken out as one of the sensations media to level world with over 150 million views on Youtube Streaming platform.

In Shazam it is the most requested theme and the tik tokers dance to the rhythm of the Jerusalem throughout the social network.

The choreography of the theme has become one of the most followed Challenges. The song began to be heard throughout Africa very quickly, and after becoming the African commotion, it did not take long to do the same in America and Europe.

It is a song that allegories Jerusalem as the mother, as a house of salvation that saves and accompanies her children. The interpreter ‘s described as one city of dreams to be intimate and quiet with God.