Born to be wild no murdered means born to be brave, not killed. This phrase went viral on social media through the use of a photo filter. This was part of a peaceful protest where the protagonists were women.

This protest by social networks aside from using the phrase as an emblem, the color purple was used as part of it.

This protest had its manifestation on March 8 and it is said that it began in Mexico through the Facebook of some characters who began to spread the filter with the phrase.

The message behind this phrase has been the subject of many controversies since feminicide has become a widespread evil in Latin America. 

Important to know …

Born born or born

To be be

Wild wild

Murdered murdered or murdered

Countries with the most femicide 

  • The Savior
  • Honduras
  • South Africa 
  • Guatemala 
  • Bahamas 

It is estimated that at least 3,529 women were killed in 2018 for gender reasons, with Latin America and the Caribbean registering the most cases.