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Definition of Bregar

Bregar is a term that comes from the old Spanish language and in countries like the Dominican Republic , it has a wide use in the colloquial language. Next, we will show you what is the meaning of Bregar and what are its etymological origins. Shall we start?

According to the Dictionary of the Rae, Bregar means striving hard to achieve something in particular that generally tends to be very difficult to achieve or to face great risk.

Although this meaning is more used in the Spanish language, in the Dominican Republic the word bregar gains other connotations.

Meaning of Bregar in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, bregar has certain variations that simplify its meaning in relation to its literal definition.

So, in this country, bregar is defined as doing a specific task or simply doing something well done.

Within this context, we could also use the word bregar as a synonym for working with something special.

Next, we will show you some practical examples of how the word Bregar is used in the Dominican Republic.

“I’m bregando with the car”: I’m working on my car.

“You bregaste hard!” – You did very well.

“He knows bregar” – He does his job well.