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Definition of Buchona

The literal meaning of the word Buchona refers to birds that have a large buche (part of the chest that is used to store food), such as pigeons or chickens.

However, if we are in Mexico, this definition takes on a different meaning.

In Sinaloa, buchones began to be said to peasants who were engaged in drug trafficking or those who wanted to appear to be narcos and powerful, who, being wealthy, dressed in an exaggerated and ostentatious manner.

In this sense, the women of these powerful men or with money began to be called buchona.

The word buchona does not necessarily refer to the partner or girlfriend of a narco or wealthy man, but it is usually said buchona to the woman who dresses in a striking way, well groomed, often falling into exaggeration.

These women are characterized by seeking to draw attention to their surroundings while always having makeup and hairstyle.

In general, they also usually have an exaggerated body (very large bust, small waist and prominent buttocks) for which they often resort to the use of surgery, cosmetic treatments and girdles to further mark their silhouette.

They often use imitation brands to appear to have money on clothes, bags, glasses, shoes and other accessories, such as counterfeits of the Dolce Gabanna, Prague or Louis Vuitton brands.

Long well-groomed hair, long nails with stones and glitters, high heels and tight-fitting clothing are other characteristics of the Buchonas.

It is also often said that the interest of these women is in pretending to have a certain economic status and lifestyle in order to get a partner or relationship that offers them security and financial stability, often falling into relationships for interest.