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C Mamut

Definition of C Mamut

This word is used in the colloquial Mexican language and is very popular in social networks like WhatsApp, Messenger or social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+, it is used when someone says something, something funny or gives a great answer. 

The expression c mamut derives from the word ” suck ” and is used when something goes wrong. 

C Mamut is simply a funny way of saying “it happened”, and it is practically implying that a person is in trouble, or that they did something amazing.

This word has become so famous that people already use it in almost everything, for example:

  • c bastian
  • * c pillo
  • c murió
  • * c cagó
  • c ++ (for programmers)
  • c mento

C mamut memes

And you know the meaning of c mamut