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Definition of Camu

Camu is a colloquial Dominican word that attracts the curiosity of many people for its use in Urban Music. Next, we will show you what is the meaning of Camu in the Dominican Republic and what are its origins. Shall we start?

This word is used derogatory in the Dominican Republic to name women who are overweight or have a very slim body.

Another possible variant of its meaning simplifies this term as a synonym for something ugly, damaged or in poor condition.

It should be noted that this term is widely used in colloquial language and has a meaning similar to other terms such as car bomb, bofe etc.

Here are some practical examples of use of the term Camu in the Dominican Republic.

  • ” Ana María is a Camú ” – Ana María is overweight.
  • ” In that place there is a pile of Camuses ” – In that place there are many ugly women.
  • Roberto’s car is a Camu with wheels. – Roberto has a very ugly car.

Camu Origin

The origin of this word is likely to come from the name of a populous river in the Dominican Republic, the Rio Camu .

This river serves as the main rainwater deposit in the province of La Vega where the sewage from that place ends up.

Another possible origin dates from a South American fruit known as Camu Camu which is used as a natural slimming.