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Definition of Cangri


  1. Boss, boss. For example, “the cangri was the one who ordered us to do it”.
  2. Congresswoman. Vulgarism from the English Congressman.
  3. Honduras. Street map, naco.


  1. Big, strong.


  1. Boss
  2. Leader
  3. Pattern
  4. Strong


  1. Employee
  2. Follower
  3. Subordinate
  4. Weak


The word Cangri, like many of the urban terms, derive from English. This word for example comes from “Congressman“, which in Spanish means “Congressman“, but nevertheless, the meaning of Cangri is boss, the one who commands or “the one who leads”.

This word that was coined by Reggaetón, is not in any dictionary, so its use has not been authorized by the authorities of the Spanish language, however, due to the influence of urban music, its use is increasingly widespread.


  1. Cangri is a very popular word in the urban genre, especially in reggaeton and trap.
  2. People from high strata, or far from urban culture, usually interpret the word Cangri as naco and street.
  3. The Puerto Rican singer Daddy Yankee released an album titled “El Cangri.Com“. This album was the artist’s second studio album and was released on June 20, 2002.
  4. El Cartel Records is a record company created by Daddy Yankee and formerly known as Cangris Music Inc.
  5. In Colombia there was a DJ who called himself the “Indio Cangri”. This character worked with the radio station in Barranquilla and was murdered on March 13, 2021 for unknown reasons.