Chacalosa is a popular Mexican word. It is an adjective with multiple meanings well known in the Latin community of the United States due to a Jenni Rivera song.

Chacalosa is often used to describe a difficult woman to deal with. Although, its connotation varies according to the context in what it is used.

Next, on we will detail all the meanings of the adjective chacalosa.

  1. The word chacalosa is used to describe a woman more physically developed than the others, thus standing out among the other women of the town.
  2. Chacalosa is also used to designate women who party, drink and dance due to a love separation.
  3. Chacalosa or chacaloso, is someone who thinks he is better than others. It would be a person who has a very high ego, and feels that he has the right to command others.
  4. Sometimes this term is used to say that you are unkempt or disheveled: “What will the lady think of me when she sees me all chacalosa and in pajamas every day”.
  5. A chacalosa person can also be one who takes advantage. Someone who likes to abuse someone and becomes difficult to deal with.
  6. Something chacaloso can also be something “cool but dangerous.” It is an expression typical of northern Mexico.

La Chacalosa (song)

La Chacalosa is also the third studio album by singer Jenni Rivera. Thanks to this, the singer began to attract the attention of Los Angeles public because the musical forms she used were only recorded by men.

This song begins with the phrase “I am searched for being Chacalosa, I am the daughter of a trafficker…” Here, this word carries a different connotation, because it refers to someone who violates the legal norms. Although, delving deeper into the lyrics, it could also refer to someone difficult to deal with.