Chamaquito is a term used in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico as a colloquial context word. Next we will show you what is the meaning of Chamaquito and where does this singular word come from. Shall we start?

In the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, someone who is a minor is called Chamaquito or Chamaquita, for which reason he is still in childhood or adolescence. In short, Chamaquito literally means Child.

Within this context, adults who have not yet matured or are inferior are also called Chamaquito.

On the other hand, through the term Chamaquito the expression “Chamaquitada” is created, which is used as a synonym for Childhood or Immaturity

Here we will show some examples of the use of the word Chamaquito and its derivatives.

“But this chamaquito is a fool”: This boy is very annoying.

” Pablo is a chamaquito as you see him “: Pablo is very immature even if he doesn’t seem like it.

” Damn you did a chamaquitada “: Damn you did something worthy of a child.

Origin of Chamaquito

The term chamaquito comes from the word Chamaco which in turn has its origin in the Nahuatl language.

Chamaco was born from an evolution of the term Nahuatl Chamahua, which is synonymous with maturing, growing or becoming a man.

Nahuatl is a Mexica language, that is, a pre-Hispanic language. But, even so, this language is still spoken by a large number of people in Mexico .

Other meanings that may be of interest: