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Definition of Chambea

The expression ” Chambear ” is all kinds of action performed, all human activity that can or should be recognized as work among the many activities of which the human is capable, but this is not all that the word chambea means.

The meaning of chambea can vary depending on the country, but in most of them, its meaning is “work”. However, in other countries, its definition goes a little further.

Both in Puerto Rico and in the Dominican Republic, the word chambea is linked to tigueraje and malianteo:

  • In Puerto Rico, its meaning ranges from dancing, docking, preparing a weapon, to things like repairing a mobile car. 
  • Dominicans, however, is not as widely used but is closely associated with drugs and drug preparation.
  • In other countries like Peru, Colombia, Mexico, etc … its meaning is literally to work.

You know it’s Chambea.